Welcome to Replica.at, a site designed to help you create your own replica casino and games room in your own home.

Whether you’re looking to set up a stylish poker den in your basement, install the latest games and gambling machines, or go all out to convert an entire floor into a replica casino – complete with custom neon lights, TV screens and other arcade games – you’re sure to find some useful tips and inspiration here.

Factors to consider when attempting to create a replica casino in your games room

– Pick the right space – which normally means a basement

For many homeowners, basements are often left empty, unkempt and generally ignored. This is the first reason as to why these spaces make for great games rooms, due to their potential to be utilized. Also, most games rooms don’t require natural light and need to be relatively soundproof (so the neighbours don’t complain), which are again two requirements that basements satisfy.

– Insulate/damp-proof the room

Underground basement spaces are susceptible to damp, so if you haven’t done so before, it’s a wise idea to hire specialist insulators to make sure no moisture can seep in. Damp can lead to ruined electronics, as well as mould, which not only causes a bad smell but can also lead to respiratory problems. Installing a basic air-conditioning system can also help ventilate the room.

– Soundproof your games room

A noisy games room can lead to annoyed neighbours or family members upstairs. Plus, what’s the point in investing in all that money in a new hi-fi system if you can’t play AC/DC on full blast once in a while? To lessen the vibrations omitted from your games room, noise-absorbing panels can be installed, as well as additional foam, thick carpets and air-tight lock doors.

– Hire a professional electrician

Even if you know the basics of wiring up TV screens, lighting and refrigerators in your games room, we suggest that you hire a professional electrician to complete the job. A short circuit or improperly integrated electronics network can be dangerous, and the professionals will be able to ensure that wiring is out of sight (instead of ugly cables hanging from the ceiling).

Other Replica Games Room Ideas

Replica Neon Casino Signs

Neon casino lights and signs make a great addition to your games room – especially if you want it to feel more ‘mini casino’ and less ‘basement man-cave’. Synonymous with the bright lights of Vegas, these neon signs can be custom-made to suit your tastes.

Replica Games Room Designer Software

Once you have prepped the space for your games room (such as sorting out the insulation and soundproofing the room), the next step is to focus on the interior design. Here, there are generally three options available:

1. Do it yourself (or with the help of friends/family)
2. Hire a professional interior designer (preferably with prior experience of kitting out replica games rooms)
3. Explore the option of ‘interior design software’ programs.

Purchasing some designer games room software (the third option) is well worth considering if you really want to take your replica casino to the next level.

These use virtual floor plans and 3D visualizations that can help you plan your games room via a computer – without needing a degree in graphic design or in-depth knowledge of how to operate Microsoft Illustrator.

Programs such as ‘RoomSketcher’ are downloadable for a small fee.

Online casino setup – from the comfort of your own home

For a further upgrade to your in-home casino, consider installing a large screen connected to a projector, or a large TV screen connected to a tablet device wirelessly. By doing this, you will be able to play at a number of online casinos, including live casinos, which would really help replicate the casino experience. You can then link a number of different hardware devices to the TV to control the bets you make via the online casino, such as with a mouse, controller or the tablet itself. For reviews about which online casinos you could incorporate into this setup, consider visiting the excellent one of a number of online casino review sites that are available on the internet.  There are a number of useful sites, but one of our favourites is http://e-kazino.com/.

We here at replica.at hope you’ve found some useful tips and inspiration on this page for designing your own games room or replica in-home casino. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the administrators of this site, please feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact Page’.